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Game crashes randomly with CE-34878-0


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Game crashes randomly with CE-34878-0. Three times on friday, than it froze the PS4 so i had to switch off power after a while. HDD wasn´t recognized anymore and i put a new one in. Only installed LBW and it froze again. Luckily the HDD is still working and i played The Division 2 and Train Sim World for hours without problems. Contacted Support but they probably answer Monday the earliest.

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Answer from support. Don´t really know what to think about it. So generic.


Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the trouble!
We are aware of the problems you encounter with the game and working hard on providing a fix as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!
Kind regards,

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On 12-10-2020 at 1:22 AM, Beyrone said:

They're on 1.03 now and imo the bugs are worse than in the base version, lol.

Doesnt seem to crash anymore but sometimes it just freezes (or lags) for like 2 seconds. 

pop up icons on the left also bugs out (save and reload fixes that)


Nope still crashed, and corrupted save ?

was fine for 2 days. 

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Shame I'm saying this as the first few hours were decent and it has the makings of a fun little game but Avoid this game like the plague if you would want to platinum it. Anything but a tiny factory in early game and your game will crash constantly.


The game autosaves roughly every 15-20 minutes, (and doesn't appear to be a way of disabling it not that that would help anyway) probably the 2nd maybe 3rd autosave you get to, the game will crash. If you save manually you also risk the game crashing so there's little point in regular saves as it will mean even more frequent crashes.


When the game crashes it doesn't finish the save and a lot of the time you'll get corrupted data too. So you'll play for maybe 40mins to an hour if you're lucky then the game will crash and you'll lose about 20 minutes progress, reload play for a similar period of time, half of which is spent retreading lost progress and then you crash again barely any further than you was 2 hours ago.


The last few trophies are a complete slog as it is, you'll be completely done with the game and be lucky if you've hit close to factory level 20, you have to get to level 40. This crashing issue makes that at least 2/3 times longer.


I'm sticking with it purely because I'm close to the plat and realistically this is never getting patched but my god is it frustrating not to mention potentially harmful to my PlayStation. Sick of games being an utter mess. 

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