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Complete B3 without spending money


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I'm having the same experience Moocow2000. Can't seem to get it to complete in Joblin, after completing the requirement to not spend cash on B3 at least twice. Am trying in other dungeons now to see if I have better luck... Will report what I find back.


Edit: I joined the Discord for the game and one of the devs has actually let me know there's a known issue with this and Ray's "reach B4 with no skills":


"all this means is every time you fail Tappi's don't spend task or Ray's dont use skills task (by picking up the banned items, not by dying) it'll perma fail until you restart the application"


So if you fail, restart your game or it won't work at all from that point on. Additionally, someone said apparently you need to get to B4 without spending any money, so the description is misleading saying to complete only B3 without spending money? So maybe give that a try.

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On 30/09/2020 at 1:40 AM, Moocow2000 said:

Haven't played today and after seeing your message I booted the game up and got it first time! Thanks!


Glad I could help! I cleared up the last tasks I had left recently so the Platinum is mine now. Can't wait for the post-launch content they're slating to be added in January and beyond.

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