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Help needed on finding better ways to get Fragments and Simulacrum


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Been looking about for more fragments and so on and well I had an idea but I need to know if anyone has done it or if there is any better ways.


The idea I had was to do with the simulacrum. Now the idea is mostly to do with someone backing up their save and joining a friend to then sell their simulacrum to the woman near the dude who can't talk and she will have it in her menu to buy from her for 3k scrap.


The friend who is hosting the game will keep the game open for you as you come back so you can redownload the save from the cloud/ usb back on the system and then you repeat till you got like 10 in her menu and once that happens you can redownload the save once more and join your friend to then buy them back and have about 11 on hand and can go back up their saves and then sell the simulacrum to the woman again and then just make the game save by returning to the menu and then redownloading the character save so you can keep 11 on you and she has 11 in her menu so you can buy them from her at any time.


I did testing abit with harden iron and well I think it can work with simulacrum just fine, just not had anyone to help test this out. and if anyone has would like to know if this idea is a good way or if there is a better way.


The other idea I had was to do with glowing fragments. you try and get the dungeon Fetid Pools to pop up and once it does, you make a save and then try and find the Rusted Amulet and have a friend join you so they can have it in their pocket and then you redownload your save so that your friend can use that Amulet to get the key to open the door to the glowing fragments and then you back out and then back up your saves again and then make your friend from before come back in and then you keep taking the glowing fragments and then you both back out and you redownload your world save again to the system to make it where you can get the fragments to for both you and your friends.


I never done it and I saw talk about it before but I thought of this idea so you won't have to reroll to get the Fetid Pools to pop up two times just so you can have about 2 sets of the Amulets as I think just one is needed for the glowing fragments. Not sure if this will work but like to know if it can.


Sorry to anyone if am somewhat confusing anyone with all this just when it comes to saving and redownloading your save from the cloud and so on to do a trick like this it can be hard to explain as I did something like this in the dying light with the packs you get from air drops but in that. However, I just dropped everything and then redownloaded the save to system and then dropped it again and had my friend pick it up so they could have more and more and then I would at some point ask for them back with some on hand so I can then back up the save to then drop more each time and yeah.


But back on topic I hope to know some better ways to farm or some kind of tricks that can make farming some of theses easy.

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