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Game Delisted from PlayStation Stores


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Strange one, I'm going to email the publisher. 

Basically, on PC you can no longer buy the game because it's only letting you grab the enhanced edition - makes sense. But, the Xbox One version is still on sale and the PS version was discounted to £5 earlier this week.

The strange thing here though is that the 'Redux' edition doesn't work on current-gen machines, it's S/X and PS5  (and PC) only. so taking it off sale on PSN seems pointless as it means only PS5 owners will be able to buy it - unless, if they've worked out a way to get a small pay-to-enhance DLC/MT (like they said they would as they are doing it for £5 on PC), then re-launching a compatible version would be very similar to the re-release of Control, only without the 'free' upgrade. 

Xbox doesn't allow devs to do this, so that may be why they're still selling the original version at this point? 

All speculation until the publisher replies, but I highly doubt it's anything to do with the rumour about MS buying them as both the Layers of Fear games and Blair Witch would have also been removed if that was the case. 

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