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Post Your Gacha Rolls


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After like 12+ hrs and 3x 10 pulls, this is what I got so far.



The cutest so far that I got.


From left to right excluding Lumine(female MC) and Amber:














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Barbara, mona and Fischl, now I got a mission with a guaranteed xiangling ( requires adventure rank 20).


I found a character tier list ( power/usefulness)




I have the two strongest water characters ( mona, barbara), the strongest lightning ( fischl) and with xiang the second strongest fire. (soon)

5 star characters arent really necessary, strong weapons are more important.


I got strong 4 star weapons for the MC, fischl and barbara. So I just need a strong 4 star spear for xiang and maybe a strong ice user (chongyun) and I am ready to go.


MC (wind, support/dps dealer) Xiang ( fire, dps dealer), fischl (lightning, support) and barbara (water, healer) seem pretty good. I hope I get chongyun, otherwise I will just use kaeya as my ice user ( he is not half bad)

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Im now rank 12.

Pulled 20 times from Beginner's Wish and got

1. Fischl

2. Keqing

3. Noelle

4. Razor

5. Chongyun


My current setup I want though is 

Keqing, Fischl, Jean, and Beidou.

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I was trying to save my currency but I got impatient and blew it all. So far I pulled


2x Ningguang



2x Barbara (and just got a third for hitting AR20)


Now I feel like I have to blow everything I get in an attempt to get more Barbara's. For those that don't know, you need like 7 copies of a character to truly max it out >.<

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I got noelle and then. Beidou.

With the promotional pulls.


Droped about 60 for giggles an because i want dulic...


And got







And 2 other ice supports whos name escape me.



Ima put off blasting more cash at this game for a bit xD


Its very fun so far.

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