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Brethren Court characters?

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I don't remember using a guide when I played through this game, perhaps for the minikits in a stage or two.  Most characters are wandering outside levels after story levels are complete.  There are like 3 areas within the area to the left of the dock/level section, and within those 3 rooms are several characters.  As well as others that just wander about.  For example if you go all the way left there is a shack sitting in some water with a sunken bridge.  There is a shovel nearby and you can raise the bridge and go over and I believe Blackbeard is there.  That is just one of the areas.


You will want to unlock a character with "bombs" for silver objects, and Blackbeard as soon as possible, since they are required to get some minikits.


Here is an online character guide and I believe I only looked at guides for characters if I was missing a few at the end.



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