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Physical Cross-buy PS3 / PS Vita


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Hello, I know this game is old, but I try to play my ps3 / vita games before the next generation.


So I opened my ps3 physical version of Sly Cooper thieves in time, and tried to get the ps vita version.


When you insert the disc in the ps3 drive, you have a new menu "disc benefits".

But it doesn't work. It says that this service is terminated.


I asked the playstation customer service, but they only answer that the service is terminated. They can't do anything.


On the disc box, there is no expiration date. I don't find any official report from Sony saying that this service is terminated.


So is someone achieved to get the vita version with a ps3 physical game ?

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i was able to get the vita version back in 2013 for the physical version of sly cooper.

maybe it had an expiration date :( for the physical version. 


ps3 version automatically gives the vita version no problem if buy on PS Network.

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All cross buy games that are PS3 to Vita have expiration dates. I was able to get Sly 4 and ratchet and clank full frontal assault with the vita downloads. But now that I try to re-download them just to test it out and it doesnt let me download them the same way. Luckily, theyre part of your account once you download them. However, I bought Playstation all stars on PS3 to also download the vita version and it said the disc benefits expired.

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