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Would you trade the Level 100 trophy with a Full Completion one?


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Full Completion means to conquer every single challenge, including secrets not counted until you've done them already.
Let's assume 1+2 is a standalone game with no DLC. Also, no glitches.

Since this is hypothetical anyway, we'll bend a few rules:
+Online challenges can be cheesed with local multiplayer. You can do multiplayer modes with one controller.
+No challenges that require an obscene amount of time, like doing lip tricks for a total of 10 hours.

+Secret challenges are visible from the start, so you know exactly what to do.

To compensate whatever advantages this may bring, Game Mods must be turned off at all times.

I'm good at the game. I think the platinum scores are for babies, and the campaign scores are for fetuses whose grandparents weren't even born yet.
However, the secret scores are a different matter. While I haven't really tried to go for them yet, multi-million points in two minutes is a tall order.

[Edit]: If the secret scores are too impossible for you, you can replace them with the entirety of each Pro Skater's individual campaign.
The goals will now be unique to combat familiarity, with different scores, SKATE being in different places, and different tricks on different gaps.
Environmental collectibles such as wall-riding bells will remain the same.

As heavy as the Level 100 grind is, it's accessible to all skill levels. Hack at it and you'll eventually make it.

Of course, I personally would choose the Full Completion trophy, because it makes sense.
I could tolerate the Level 100 trophy better if there wasn't an interstellar distance between 97% trophy completion and 100% trophy completion.

What do you think?

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No. My best combo is like 1.500.000 points so there is no way I would be able to get the secret scores for each level, or beat the tryhards in multiplayer assuming there is a challenge that involves it (I haven't checked them all).


As much as I hate to admit it as a THPS fan since the first game, I'm not good at these games at all ?


The level grinding is terrible but I'll get there (haha) eventually.

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There’s some challenges I’m grateful aren’t required, like the speedruns. I think I’d be okay with things like having to do each pro skater’s challenges. Some are harder than others but they’re fun and mostly doable. I think I prefer having a level 100 trophy instead overall, but I hope it’s better thought out if they do another remake.

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