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Platinum time trial Relics

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10 minutes ago, ZachBoardyHD said:

So according to the devs, you need to be more careful and more precise in this game as it's harder then the trilogy and they add a trophy to get all platinum time trails?

At first thought maybe there will be a trophy for getting all time trails no matter the grade but getting Platinum time trails, forget it. I'll play this on an alternate account 1f602.png.

I've never understood time trails in any game, do they want us to enjoy the game and play as intended or hate the game at the end?

*Trials* not Trails lol.

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We don't know the specifics on the time trials quite yet. We shall see. I think practice over and over and over again will help. Muscle memory will work in our favors. The persistent will win.


We may need to speed run like this  ?




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Good news! I always went for them in all Crash games anyway, trophy or not. ?

If the demo is anything to go by, this will be really hard! I feel like they put a lot of effort to build a genuinely complete game with a ton of content, and relics always bring more exploration, experimentation and depth to the games. I really look forward to jump into this new world. ?

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2 minutes ago, Mr_Wright95 said:

"Hello Darkness My Old Friend"


In all seriousness I imagine this is going to be an absolute platinum blocker. I hope I will be able to stick it out and practice until I am good enough.


However some games just break me, I'm looking at you Crash Team Racing!


Goodluck Everyone!

You’ll get crash team racing done. You can do it!

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To be honest, I'm a bit shocked. I obtained Platinum Tophies in all Crash Bandicoot games, and the hardest were Crash 1 and CTR, but this seems to be the hardest one due to platinum time trial relicts.


We do not know yet what Platinum Flashbacks may be, but I can guess these will not be easy as well (reversed time mode gameplay may be a bit difficult in reception for a brain).


I really wish to have 5th Platinum Tophy in the Bandicoot series but we need to wait for some tips from Pro players on YouTube.

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