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So I’m in the middle of my madhouse difficulty run getting all collectibles and that’s going fine. However I am struggling to unlock the 1st place at the science fair trophy. I’m 99% percent sure that over my two playthroughs I’ve made at least one of everything but the trophy won’t pop. I don’t want to waste my time of a 3rd playthrough if this trophy will stop me getting the platinum anyway. So I’m basically asking if anyone else has had this problem and/or has a solution to it.


Thanks in advance to anyone who does reply.


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I’ve never heard of this trophy being glitched but there’s one ingredient (supplements) required that’s such a rare spawn it’s possible that making the 2 things that need it is what’s holding you back from getting the trophy. Also I’m sure I’ve read that crafting something then reloading the save to make something else with the same ingredients will void that instance of crafting being counted towards the trophy so bear that in mind. Here’s the list of what you need to make, short of keeping a note of what you’ve made as you go there’s no way to track it unfortunately:


  • Herb + Chem Fluid = First Aid Med Kit
  • Herb + Strong Chem Fluid = Strong First Aid Med Kit
  • Gunpowder + Chem Fluid = Handgun Ammo
  • Gunpowder + Strong Chem Fluid = Enhanced Handgun Ammo
  • Solid Fuel + Chem Fluid = Burner Fuel
  • Solid Fuel + Strong Chem Fluid = Flame Rounds
  • Supplements + Chem Fluid = Psychostimulants
  • Supplements + Strong Chem Fluid = Neuro Rounds


And here’s a link to a great article that lists every location you can find the ingredients needed for this trophy, especially helpful for not missing supplements and if reading the list of required items jogs your memory at all about what you could be missing. Unfortunately they played on normal mode and some things won’t be there on Madhouse but it may still prove useful. With any luck you’re not too far into your run to find enough stuff to craft one of everything all over again and even if you are there’s the hope you’re only missing 1 or 2 combinations and can craft something then reload until you find the right one. Absolutely last resort would be a new run on easy mode collecting and storing all the ingredients needed to make one of every item in a box then when you have everything make it all in one go.


Definitely don’t give up, a game this big would surely have a trophy glitch well documented and I can’t find anything to suggest it. Good luck!


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If you are playing in VR I noticed some trophies didn't pop until I went to my trophy list, and even then there was a large delay. I had the same problem with this trophy I was certain I had crafted everything then an hour later when I went into the system menu they suddenly popped. Other trophies just popped fine when I still had the VR headset on, it was very strange 

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