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The Last Of Us Was Originally A Jak & Daxter Reboot


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This is according to creative director Neil Druckmann who broke the news to the folks attending his talk at the IGDA 2013 conference last month in Toronto.


According to Druckmann, while working on Uncharted 2, he and Bruce Straley put a second team together to come up with another project.


“Our task was to reboot this game, Jak & Daxter,” he said. “So we spent a long time exploring the world of Jak & Daxter. How would we reboot it? What would it mean to bring these characters back? What are some story ideas that we were getting excited by? And as much as we liked a lot of these concepts and kind of exploring this fantastical world, we found that the ideas we were passionate about were kind of getting away from what Jak & Daxter was.”


Druckmann said the team began to wonder if it was doing this for “marketing reasons” or if it was really wanting to create a Jak & Daxter reboot.


“We felt like we weren’t doing service to what fans of this franchise really liked, even if the reinvented Daxter is pretty damn good-looking,” he said. “So we went to our boss, and said, ‘do we have to do this?’ And he said ‘no, I just thought it would be easier for you guys if you started something. But if you want something else, come up with something else.’”


Thus The Last of Us was born, but don’t worry, Jak & Daxter may be revisited in the future.



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Is a reboot even a good idea? I mean, they tried it for Sonic the Hedgehog (that infamous game from 2006), and it...well, failed. Badly.

It failed because the game was supposed to celebrate Sonic's 15th anniversary so they were stuck on a timeline. So the game became rushed.

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I like the franchise a lot.

They were my favorite games on the PS2 just as Crash Bandicoot was one of my favorite PSone franchise.


The last thing I would want from this game was what they did to Spyro going from PSone to PS2.

Same concept, bigger concept but a game with unrealistic creatures on a childrens level don't need graphic upgrades.


Who want to see the unrealistic Jak in the same graphics as the last of us?

Well not me


I would want a game like Jak 3 but a lot bigger. Like all the games in one (didn't play lost/last (?) frontier)


However it would be awesome for a reboot where they made them real people in a human city where eco could be some drugs they used for strenght and stuff

would be awesome

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