[Videos] Platinum Relics Time Trials

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This list will be expanded everyday as we continue to complete more time trials. Good luck and I hope this helps


Rude Awakening 



N.Sanity Peak


Crash Compactor


A Real Grind


Booty Calls


Hook, Line, And Sinker


Hit the Road


Jetboard Jetty


Give It A Spin


Draggin On Platinum


Off Balance




Off Beat




Home Cookin



Run It Bayou



Snow Way Out



Stay Frosty



Truck Stopped



Bears Repeating



Blast To The Past


Dino Dash



Out of Launch



Stowing Away


Fossil Fueled



Food Run


Crash Landed


Nitro Processing



Toxic Tunnels



Building Bridges



Ship Happens 




No Dillo Dallying


Rush Hour



Potion Commotion



Cortex Castle (BOB)


Seeing Double


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And also you can see my video with Toys for Bob relics. :)




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Embedded video to meet requirements. Needs other updates to meet all video guide updates

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