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Chests not counting towards achievement


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As the title says. I began noticing this while hunting down chests this afternoon in Liyue. There were points where I counted the number I opened and when I went to double check it didn’t add up. So I started checking before and after each chest I opened. And sure enough some of the chests in Liyure (Possibly Mondstat but can’t verify this one) are not counting towards the achievements. And it seems as though it’s the chest encased in rock. Not the ones hidden behind the rock wall but the ones where you can actually see the chest but have to destroy the rock encasing it to open. I opened three of these while checking my chest number before and after and sure enough it didn’t count. If you read this and are hunting chests in Liyue, I advise not opening these chests and just marking them on your map for now. There are plenty of chests from what it appears but if these actually counted properly then I would have the achievement by now.

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Many people have been asking about chest respawns as well as how they count towards the achievements (which are tied to the trophies). MiHoYo's answer was simply "Common chests respawn. Quest/puzzle chests don't." I imagine this is in part to prevent primogem farming as common chests do not provide them.


It seems that only the one-time chests count towards the "Open XX chests in Mondstadt/Liyue" achievements.


Now, I'm not 100% sure but it may be as clean cut as that precious, exquisite, and luxurious chests are the only ones that count, and those types will never be randomly generated. In that case common chests are always the randomly generated ones. [Edit: it turns out some common chests do count and are one-time/not randomly generated. In general though, there are enough chests to earn these trophies although some do not count.]


Given the low trophy rates (1.39% and 0.36%) for the highest chest count in each region, and that the other region-specific achievements in the same list are along the lines of "find all teleport waypoints / max out the statue / open all shrines", it is possible that there are exactly (or at least not many more than) 400 one-time chests in Mondstadt and 800 in Liyue.



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