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Suggestion: Mark trophies as "online"

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I would like this as well. I have a lot of games and can’t be bothered to check every single trophy list to look for online trophies. But the chance of this happening is... low.


Perhaps we should just be more cautious buying games. :D

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I think this should be an option there's definitely games that seems to use servers for stuff that honestly doesn't need them usually single player games with some form of online tracking.


And if not followed up on games like these go under the radar until you have a random person try them and find out their down.

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Yes please!
This would be incredibly helpful. I am already referring to other sites because here it is quite unreliable.


34 minutes ago, GraniteSnake said:

Best option is to just check if the game has a guide either here (marks online trophies as multiplayer) or over on .org , on the road map it says how many offline/online trophies a game has.

Or we just link it with the trophy guide on this site so you don't have to open a new site.


I mean opening ps3t.org, typing in the game on the top right, chosing the game, clicking on trophy guide, opening the roadmap.

That's 5 steps you have to do for every game individually.


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