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Hello everyone, following a boosting session, i noticed that some people doesn't know that a glitch exist to have your coach level 20 in around 4 or 5 hours.

All credit go to the french guide on psthc created by "darkgluant" who did a fantastic job. I ll only try to translate this part of the guide because my english is not the best, so in advance sorry about that.µ

Also, I used the legendary edition, so i can't speak for the normal one.


I will also consider that you know how to create a ligue, join it with your team and start a game against an IA (Put the time for a round at 1 min instead of 3 will make it faster).

So let's start :)


1) Start the match by playing defense

2) Go in the match setting and chose : all cinematic (or animation, not sure wiich one it is in english) and IA on easy

3) when it s round 15, you should have more point that the adversary

4) Because you play defense, round 16 is your last turn. So option -> Save and quit.

5) Return to the game

6) Skip your turn, now it s the last turn of the IA team. And the tricky part will start.

7) Once the match will end, you will always have the same order of cinematic : referee whistle -> winning team -> public -> wiinning team strike a pose. You ll need to leave the game after the referee whistle but before the official end of the match (quick menu by holding ps button, close application -> Yes)

I always left once the referee whistle and it worked for me.


If you did all the step correctly, you should be able to restart the game once again, and have your point increase. A good way to see if it worked is to check your team win count. It should keep increasing by doing so


note 1 : the win give you 13xp, a draw 11 and a defeat 10 i think. So if you win at the end, you ll need 55 matches to obtain the 706xp required for level 20

note 2 : By doing this glitch, at the end i got 1 character at level 7, and 2000 ssp won.


I hope i was clear and that thiscan help all of you like it helped me :)




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Sadly, I tried this three times today with no luck. I tried quitting just after the whistle, showing the team cheering, and the team celebration pose, all with no luck.


Fortunately, I only need 20 more wins to reach level 20 the slow way.


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I'm in desperate need of 3 trophies: not so fast, law of the market and golden goose, anyone willing to help out?? 

PSN Eugene_Heath



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