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Bloodlust: info and question


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I am trying this trophy right now.


Not sure if it works or not or if it's best to do, for the fighting location i only see grotto and continent but i found a place where the enemy keep running into me every couple of seconds without moving.


"When steiner and marcus are being captured by brahne and locked in the cage:

after you need too swing yourself free and move up the latter" you are being attacked by alexandria guards and they keep on coming and coming, with the R1 and L1 it takes like 15 seconds too finish a fight and start a new one.


This is for information but also a question if this place is usefull or kinda useless as there isnt a place you can save the game?


Also i keep reading about the save game that if you dont save it properly that the trophy is unattainable?

i mean, does it matter if you over write a save game or if you make a new save game and continue from there on?


Also are you even allowed too use the R1 and L1 and such?




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