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This is on sale atm for approx $20AUD.  


Is it worth a pick up?  I'm not that great at online stuff, but this looks really great.  Is the plat still attainable if i had another dedicated partner?  The 150hr time on the trophy roadmap looks daunting!


Any pros and cons appreciated!



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Well, if you are still thinking about buying it, this is my thoughts. I am also not that great at online stuff and I'm not a big fan of it either, but I got this game two months ago and have been playing it almost nonstop. I know people who says "I don't like multiplayer games" and still they put hundreds of hours into Hunt. I became obsessed. I watch a lot of western movies, videos about guns of that era and I'm dreaming of having a good old Winchester 1873. That's what this game did to me. The best video you can watch about Hunt to decide if you wanna try it or not is from Skill Up and it's called "You have never played a game like Hunt, but you really, really should". This is so on point! Hunt is the most unique game I've ever experienced.

And the platinum is just a matter of time. If you like the game, it will pop eventually.

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