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Custom Sorting tab  

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  1. 1. Some users like how things are which is fine, however some dont! so this poll is for creating a tab in which we can have a more personalised list of games, where we can have the option to drop and drag games in an order we see fit and rename games for personal preference. PLEASE NOTE that any of this customization would be viewable only to the user, a custom tab for you and you alone, any renaming of a game would not alter the official name that it already has, so would only act as a reskin in your own custom tab, anyone else viewing your profile would see things as they always have been, so to summarize, nothing will ever change, in terms of whats already here, but a tab for personalization implemented giving us the ability to see things how we want, so that everyones happy?

    • I would like to have a custom sorting tab where i can drop and drag titles in an order of my choosing
    • I would like to have a custom sorting tab where i can drop and drag titles in an order of my choosing and the ability to rename games, as long as its personally, only viewable for me in my custom tab
    • I wouldnt necessarily use this tab myself, but i do support those that would like the option to sort manually
    • I wouldnt necessarily use this tab myself, but i do support those that would like the option to sort manually and rename games, as long as when i view their profile or session they create, the original title is what i see by default
    • I wont use this and dont want the option for anyone else either

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Ive set up a poll to see wether an option to sort manually is something youd like, to drop and drag titles in an order we want to view, maybe its been bugging you that the first game of a franchise is always last in its group instead of first, maybe you'd like to group games like the tomb raider trilogy but they start with completely different letters, maybe you'd like to rename games so Battlefield V is Battlefield 5 like the others, maybe you want to remove 'the' from the start of games, or like me, maybe you dont, maybe like me youd like to remove the editions of games in the title because the thumbnail shows it anyway and you'd prefer the base title only, vote for the option to sort manually, or vote for the option to sort and rename.

Id like to note that anyone who doesnt agree with changing a games name by default, i also AGREE, but if we were given the ability its something id only want if it was only me that could see it, for example, if i change Battlefield V to Battlefield 5, ONLY i can see the change, if you view my profile or Battlefield 5 session i create, the original title is always default, you will always see Battlefield V (unless the owners changed it) so with this in mind, whats your vote? Drop n drag? Full customization over your list for personal viewing? 

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1 minute ago, DaivRules said:

@HusKy Is this something that could be done with coding similar to your PSNP+ tool? Not asking for integration, just curious if you think it would be possible.


Yes. This sort of sounds like the list feature. I still want to add manual sorting some day soon ish. :)

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I like the idea. But any ideas members come up with have zero chance of being implemented. Sly just does what he wants. At least that’s the feeling I have on this site. We’ve been waiting for years for other good ideas...

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The options regarding the topic are there for all, either yes or no, or no but dont see why theres a problem for other users get the option, dont see what im missing but im happy for you to tell me?

2 minutes ago, AlphaOmegaSid said:

Topics relating to any new features that are not beneficial to everybody will be ignored, polls/petitions are useless too. PSNP will not implement something simple as being able to delete your own posts and topics completely. Even when you ask moderators, they will not delete or, even close your own topics. 

Yeah i heard a lot of bad rep with the site and heard nothing gets done but sly told me to get a vote up as did other users so here i am, probably wasting my time tho i know, sad really, oh well

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17 hours ago, B1rvine said:

I don’t see a need for it personally. There’s very few games affected by this (and even less I’ll actually play). Also, I’m used to it, both here and in general, so it’s not a big deal. 


Were all used to it which is why id  like the change, hoping one day sony will implement it so we can view our trophy lists properly on our system without having to use an outlet, though id still use psnp for sessions n forums, charts etc

I appreciate someone whos happy to vote for other people who do see the need for it, after all if you dont want to use it you dont have to, the 5th option shouldnt need to be there imo, but i have to include it to be fair, even to the ignorant lol i cant do any more than make the poll though, cant force the entire site to vote, but is there a way to increase the traction somehow

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