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Breach challenges


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Hi folks,


I just started playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and started from the Breach mode. Does anyone know if Breach challenges need to be actually accepted and taken on by the challenged player in order for them to count towards the related trophies for the one who sends the challenge?


You're Not Worthy As My Opponent

Breach: Send 3 Challenges.


Now I'm Feeling A Little Motivated
Breach: Win 3 Challenges.


That is, does it count as a sent and won challenge if the challenged player does nothing and the challenge expires (they do expire, don't they)?


I guess many people have created dummy account(s) for this but I'd rather not. But the problem is, no one on my Friends list seems to play this.


Thanks for any help. I tried asking my friend Mr. Google but I guess he was having a bad day or something; he just told me to bug off and take a long walk down a short corridor. Or was it a short walk down a long corridor... I can't remember. Which one is worse?

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The person you send the challenges to don't need to complete them for it to count. I just sent three challenges to some random person on my friend list and the trophy popped instantly. 


For the other one however, I logged in to an alt account and sent the challenges to my main from there. The game isn't busy now so it's kinda the only easy way to do it. I believe the challenges from ShadowChild also count, but those ones are harder.

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Thanks for the comments. Now, based on them and on my own observations playing Breach these past two weeks, to answer my original questions:


You're Not Worthy As My Opponent Breach: Send 3 Challenges.

It doesn't matter at all what happens after the challenge is sent. You send three and the trophy is yours. Whether or not the challenged player tries or even notices the challenge is irrelevant.


Now I'm Feeling A Little Motivated Breach: Win 3 Challenges.

The challenged player needs to react. I can't verify if refusing the challenge (by actually selecting the in-game refuse option) will result in a win for the player who sent the challenge, but at least ignored challenges do not count. I sent a whole bunch of challenges to random people who I assume just ignored the challenges and none of them counted as a win for me. So to get challenge wins, send your invites to (your own dummy accounts, as mentioned, or to) people who you know will try them. Or just win the challenges you are sent.

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