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Skate 1-2 Online trophies/achievements


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Hello! What do you think guys, is that possible to bring some noise to EA to get EA Skate 1, 2 servers back(for ps3/xbox360). I bet there are a lot of people, who would be happy if these games will be available to obtain plat/100% again. EA gave Skate 3 servers back to gamers, so the plat/100% is technically obtainable. They also gave us a chance to finish Dante's Inferno DLC, which was unobtainable for a long time. That's just an idea, but that's interesting how many people interested in that. We can group together and try ask them to bring servers back.

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I agree with you. Since they are working on a new Skate game, it would be cool seeing the ranked system working back again. Even though they warned players about the Skate.EA shutdown, I feel like they should give the community a second chance to get these trophies and enjoy online matches like they were back in the old days.

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I wrote to support, unfortunatelly that seems like they don't want to change anything.

  Thank for contacting EA Help! My name is Glory and I will be assisting you with your Skate 2 issue today.

Having gone through your case I gathered that you have contacted us regarding information on game series. This shouldn’t have happened. I know that could be little more than disappointing. I would be happy to assist you.

I will take this as a feedback and I will surely pass that players are facing issue regarding game features so that this may get in the ears of developers and they come to know what our players are upset about. We are constantly working on improvement of our services and your feedback will definitely be a great help.

Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

You can also find answers to common questions on our Help Center at "http://help.ea.com" or ask our community experts by visiting Answer HQ at "http://answers.ea.com".

Thanks again for contacting EA Help.

I think that it's possible, but we need a good amount of people, who will ask same stuff. Well, tbh small number of people need it, so they are unlikely to do anything about it. RIP :c

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This is probably pointless but taking in mind Skate 4 is in development if you could all take a minute and reply to the thread that I opened in the EA Forums we could show them we are still interested in the online modes/trophies. We have nothing to lose as it only takes a minute. Here is the link to the thread.


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