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N. Sanely Perfect and Time

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For N. Sanely Perfect Relics, I had a few that gave me a bit of trouble:

  • Bears Repeating - the level itself is quite easy. The gem path can be a bit of a banana skin if you're not being careful. But the Polar section at the end with the horrible hitbox is what ruined it for me. Lost count how many times I played it to get it.
  • Crash Landed - again, nothing in terms of the platforming is super difficult. The riding sections control a bit better than Polar but still had me messing up at this point time and time again. Also, the level is super long and can take 10 minutes+ at every attempt, being a total time sink. I strongly suggest playing this level on N. Verted mode for the N. Sanely Perfect Relic, though. The pastel filter makes the crates much, much easier to spot from far in the riding sections to ready yourself as to what to do next. 
  • Rush Hour - worst level in the game by far. Boring, bland, unnecessarily long (should've been two separate levels) and that horrible traffic section at the end with Tawna. One mess up at the end and you have to go through Dingodile's very bland section again. So glad when I had this one done. 
  • Toxic Tunnels - difficult because of its length and that very unforgiving gem gauntlet, but so satisfying and rewarding when you manage to pull it off. Brilliant but difficult level. 
  • Seeing Double - Dear God, Cortex is horrible to play as. This goes for all levels you play as Cortex (except maybe Fossil Fueled, that's super easy), but this one stood out for me as being a downright pain simply because of his section. Crash's section (which is a slightly more difficult version of Cortex Castle in terms of crate placement) I actually really enjoy and can do quite easily. 


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