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World exploration beyond trophies


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Pretty sure most players only go for the trophies and platinum but I did a little bit of exploration after getting all trophies. For example if you dive several times back to back you have a chance to catch a fish and there's even a hidden path in a cave that leads to a second island where you can become a red bird (and fly back to the first island). See spoiler for images.






I'm wondering why the developer decided to not cover the complete game with trophies. Are there any players who explored the game further as well and found some cool little details that are hidden in it?

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I explored it on PC, there's only one achievement there. I forget what it's even unlocked for...


There's a lot of neat little details. Trophies at least have you do more than on PC, I didn't realize you could land for example until I looked at the trophy list. The second island I didn't find, but they added that recently to PC. I did play it a few days ago, but just to get my playtime to 2 hours so I could use the Points Shop and get two cute emotes from it. So didn't really feel like exploring.



I was shocked this had a platinum on here. Pink bird best bird

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