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Vita/PSTV time stamp issue


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So i just finished Awesome Pea (vita version.  I had started it on the vita originally but found the controls on there hard to use so I switched over to my PSTV.  When I switched I had already earned 4 trophies.  When I started up my PSTV the first thing I did was sync my trophies so I didn’t run into any issues but even after doing this the trophies I had already earned still popped again but when I synced the trophies again it seemed to clear itself up.  However now that I have finished the game it shows that I completed it with missing time stamps...and I don’t know how or if there is a way to fix it.  But my time stamps all very clearly show up on the site.  Anyone else had a similar situation and know if there is a fix?

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I think I have a very similar problem: I just synced my trophies from TALES FROM SPACE: MUTANT BLOBS ATTACK and all but one timestamps are missing... I played without internet connection but thats how I often played Vita and there was never before a timestamp missing. I think this is really odd. 


Anyone know how I can avoid this in the future? Do I have to be always online now?! 



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