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Digital version across multiple accounts on same device


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So, I have a doubt about the digital release, since I bought the digital season pass on discount a while back. I believe I set my console to allow game sharing if I were to add a secondary account to my console, so if I began playing The Enemy Within in that secondary account, would it allow to go all the way to the end of the game and thus, platinum it, or would the season pass be locked out and limited to the main account where I bought the game? (For more info; yeah, episodes 1-5 are already downloaded and installed on my PS4)


I had no issues with playing the Ace Attorney trilogy up to full completion again with my second account despite the purchase being made with my main account, but seeing as to how this is a Telltale game I figured things could work differently. Just a question that popped in my mind since I've wanted to challenge myself with a new profile to keep at 100% completion and have it full of the games I enjoyed completing the most, and I wouldn't want to taint that with an uncompletable Batman: The Enemy Within xD And the knowledge would also be cool to see if this applies to delisted games too that I might've bought and kept installed on the console. Anyway, thanks for taking time of your day to answer this silly question!

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