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Idea for Statistics-Page: Heatmap

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As a visual tool, it's quite cool, but for me I'm in two minds.


When I look at my stats I can see immediately that the main time I earn trophies is from 10pm, in fact double that of 9pm. With the heatmap this would just show as a different shade of blue, I would have to hover over the colours to find the exact figure. I don't find that as useful.


On a positive note with the heatmap, it will combine both day and time meaning that the days I earn trophies from 10pm may be on specific days.


The only other issue is the positioning of the heatmap and whether you still keep Trophies By Time and Trophies By Day. I suppose it could go under Trophy Progression on the left and then have the two existing bar charts on the right, although both of those differ in size. Maybe the statistics page is getting ready for a bit of a facelift anyway?


Overall, I'm really not sure, I play about with a lot of stats myself on spreadsheets so I may give it a try and see whether I would actually look at it compared to my bar charts or whether it's more gimmicky than useful.


Anyway cool suggestion, always nice when someone thinks up something new that could benefit the site.

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