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Question about DLC Characters?


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if you want a bit more story you can also buy the adachi dlc, although only margaret is probably helpful for the challenge trophy in the end. if you don't want 100% and just the plat buy the margaret dlc.

I might want to add though that i ultimately beat all challenges with shadow labrys and not margaret.

Edit: you can also buy all character dlcs to make your time on the 300 challenges easier. forgot to add that.

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margaret's dlc has the easiest set of challenges of the 3 dlcs. although it is still somewhat difficult. although if we talk about general difficulty, it would be on par with shadow labrys. The other two DLC characters have somewhat difficult challenges, especially Adachi, who I think their challenges are the hardest.

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If you’d rather avoid paying for DLC, then do Shadow Labrys. All of her challenges are straightforward and I have videos on all of them, but her #22, which is arguably the hardest challenge.


Sho and Minazuki are pretty easy, too.


Edit: As for the 300 challenges, it is entirely possible to do it with base characters, but you will need to average about 16 challenges per character. This is entirely possible with every character, but there is a difficulty curve after challenge 12.

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