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If you have cross save enabled and earn the in game achievements/trophies on another platform and login to the same account on XBOX/PS4 you get all the achievements/trophies instantly when you login similar to Fortnites cross save. So if you're like me and better on keyboard and mouse instead of controller I recommend doing this to save you the time on getting 100 wins. 


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Hey I used this method to achieve my platinum but I get flagged, can you support me here in this dispute

? Thanks



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Erm but in your dispute you literally write the words:-


"if a friend of yours already has the Rogue company trophies you can pass your account linked to rogue to him"


Not sure, but I'm pretty sure cross save enabled but with someone else's account. That does not seem legit to me. ITZSOFLUFFY14 is different, he talks about his own account, using mouse and keyboard is easier than analogue, not popping off trophies from a different account.


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