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Borderlans DLC trophies.


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I have a question. I already finished the main campaign of the game and the first DLC (the zombie island of dr Ned). I, naively, started Maxxi Riot's Underground DLC and tried to tackle the first enemy waves (already took the mission of completing the lesser challenges in the three arenas). The question is: ¿If i go to another DLC to complete his main story and getting all of the trophies, there is a chance that the "Mad Moxxi's Underground" trophies will gltich when i return to the arenas or everything will be allright? For the record: I have the PS3 version (the one with 2 discs, one disc with the games, the other one with the DLC's).

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Hi, this is an update for those unsure, I completed the Small Tournament trophy in Moxxi's, then went into General Noxx's DLC and completed some trophies before going back to finish Moxxi's DLC. So don't worry if you gain a trophy then find it too hard.  ???

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