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Trophy Thoughts


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Looks quite fun, fairly straight forward trophy list.

From what I know, the release date is November 10th, priced at £25-30/$35-40 (however, those figures are based on various pre order listings I found) 


The game will be available in physical and digital formats on PS4. 

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Does anyone have any info for 


Crash Boom Bang (crash own car for the 100th time)


I got the crash car trophy 10 times on my 1st race. I have since got take down opponent for 250th time. When that unlocked thought would get 100th time trophy for crashing own car any minute. So I crashed my car 100 times but no trophy. 


 Is there a method to this does there need to be fire ? I thought maybe if you crash 2 many times in quick succession it doesn't register so just been doing once a lap. Weird as I am on legendary season. Just thinking does it have to be with another car 


I wasn't paying much attention when obtained the crash 10 times trophy lol




Solved the riddle but don't know how lol


Some crashes u get in big letters YOU CRASHED 


This appeared 4 times and just got the trophy. I thought it was Speed but no its not that If I figure out will post


OK edit the edit.


After trying numerous things. Crash into the left barrier then crash into the right barrier. And every time I got you crashed msg. So I think that's how u get 100 crashes quickly. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has probs with this. Hope it helps it was annoying me.

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