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Warning - stupid RNG and luck and some tips


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This is a funny little game but marred by some pointless stupid things you can't avoid.


First and most important. You can't continue the story, so you must finish it in one go. So count on around 2 hours of continuous gameplay (you can pause but not leave the game in progress). The game is easy, once you get the hang of the dancing movement. Even so the levels are RNG so some will be hard, some easy, some impossible. At level start try to get combos as it's the only way to make momento grow. One dancers at a time you'll get nowhere. You can restart the level at any time, but if you let the momentum drain you can start with another RNG wheel to try to get a freebie boost.

You'll need to get all the cats and the pigs from your playthrough or need to play it all again.


The guide at PST says this is a 2 difficulty, but due to the luck involved I think it's not (unless you're really lucky). There's a good guide at Trueachievements, even thought the writer over stresses the last mission. This one needs a lot of luck in the RNG placement of the alien dancers. If you don't get around 4 combos at start you probably won't make it. Took me around 50 tries to get a decent level (yes you can retry indefinitely as long as you don't quit), as most will not provide what you need. You can't lose time bumping dancers to group them. Don't stress about getting the 4 aliens in your chance wheel, you need to capture the 4 anyway to progress. It's the only level where the special characters that will go to the wheel later are mandatory to finish it, but take it easy with the others I had all available in the wheel at the end of my first playthrough. When you have around 60 in your line go to the final area, pick all powerups in the corridor and remember to pass by all available dancers while dancing around the main alien as it's your only way to keep your momentum going up.


Once you have 50ish dancer inline you just need to pass by new ones, they'll be captured by the end of your line. The more you have the easier it gets but momentum drops faster. It's easy to get to 100+ lines, but it's luck dependent as everything in the game. I managed to get to 140 something but it's not necessary once you have the trophy. Once you're bored to death repeating the levels for the stupid wheel to get the characters there's no need to go beyond 60ish, as you get a ticket for each 20 captured and no matter how many tickets you get in the dumb jump the pig minigame you can't have more than 3 chance at the wheel.


On the wheel all that can be said is good luck. You'll need it.




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