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Stopped getting any promo emails but I get the billing emails just fine! Any solutions?


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I used to get every promo email, the Platinum Rewards, bonus themes and avatars, discount codes, the weekly PS Store, and others but for the last few months, it's been nothing but the billing emails like receipts for purchases and renewals of subscription alerts. I have changed my email many times across every domain imaginable from my ISP to school to Hotmail, Live, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Bluemail, etc. Nothing works. I called Sony and they said check your spam and contact your email provider. Even after I mentioned I get the billing emails, they said still file a complaint with my email provider. And to confirm I have even tried disabling and enabling marketing emails many times. 


Does anyone have any solution? I really want to get the promo emails again especially with PS5 next month but Support can't help and Idk what else to try. Thanks.

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Just now, DEI2EK said:

I think it’s just a crapshoot if they send you promotional material or not

Ive subscribed on multiple accounts with multiple emails and only ever get billing emails



For example, I never got the Holiday 2019 Dynamic Theme email and got it every year before. I decided to contact support and spoke with an escalated rep that could view my email history and she saw the email was sent on X date and just read me the code. At the time I assumed it just went to my junk and I deleted it. Fast forward to now, I never get any promo emails and that is just weird. Even the weekly PS Store one, I get it on my new account every week. 

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