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Legend trophy bug


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57 minutes ago, LaxmiNarayanan said:

Yes, I'm at 13 wins now, still no trophy. All my wins are from the ''Matches Won - Squads'' category. Have to admit that 1 or 2 wins were from Faction Wars limited time game mode. But I'm pretty sure atleast 10 were legit squad wins.

I havent won a solo match gotten close but i got a few wins in faction wars too so glad it isnt just me as i thought that might be why it isnt poping . Ubisoft support did reply to me on Twitter and said 




We don't have a way of forcing PlayStation trophies to unlock. However, we are currently in the process of migrating to our new Ubisoft Connect system which may affect your unlocks.

This will be completed on 27th October :)


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