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Genshin Impact - Interactive Maps and resources


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Look up builds, characters, weapons and other useful info:


Interactive maps:

  • https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/
    • Interactive map, free to use with unlimited "found" progress tracking
    • A bit incomplete but a work in progress
      • contains farming routes!
      • comments are loading slowly/incorrectly most of the time (for me, using Chrome/Firefox on Linux)
  • https://mapgenie.io/genshin-impact/maps/teyvat
    • Interactive map, free to use with up to 100 "found" markers for progress tracking (offers one-time payment of $5 for unlimited tracking) (disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the person who made the map)
    • More complete than the previous map, but still a work in progress (you can edit markers and make corrections/suggestions to improve it)
      • as of currently, this map is tracking more chests and oculus (compare total numbers between the two maps to confirm)
      • this map is prettier and has a better zoom level so it's easier to spot stuff
      • has a search bar to search for items/NPCs
      • has more categories to filter by
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