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Parcels of Life trophy


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On 25.10.2020 at 4:54 PM, Kapitan_Ambrozy said:

Is there any easy way find those babies? I struggle to find one in Chine district.


Cries start on day 4-5.

Bring lockpick.

Anne must be healthy.

Possible locations on 2:55



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I just got this trophy myself, and figured out a few wrinkles not covered by the video or the guide. To help those who come after me:


The quest won't spawn at all if you haven't already met Anna Angel on Day 3, and if she's sick on Day 4 you have to cure her and then the whole quest gets set back by one day. The steps to follow are these:


1) On Day 3, when the large bell rings to announce the plague and everyone gathers at the Town Hall, Georgiy Kain will send you to check up on the two Stamatin brothers. Follow the markers and speak to Peter Stamatin. He in turn will send you to speak to Anna Angel. That's the main prerequisite for the quest activating on Day 4. If you miss this trigger, I'm not sure if there's any way to speak to her later in time to still do the quest - her house was locked for me until the heart and spindle quest on Day 7. When you meet her on Day 3, make sure to give her an immunity booster, as you want her healthy for the quest to work.


2) On Day 4, speak to the woman behind the desk at the Town Hall who tells you about the reward for bringing in babies. I'm not sure if this step is necessary, but better safe than sorry.


3) Anna Angel must be healthy for this quest. As the guide and video state, if she has the plague, she must be cured with a schmowder (or a panacea, but I don't think you can get one this early). However, what they don't state is that simply curing her on Day 4 won't cause the quest to trigger properly until Day 5. Not to worry though, you actually have three chances to collect babies, on Days 4, 5, and 6. So:


4) If Anna is healthy on Day 4, go to the Chine. As soon as you enter the district, a quest marker will pop up over a house (no need to find it yourself), and you will hear a baby screaming. Enter, find Anna Angel standing over a cot (she should be behind a locked door, so make sure you bring lockpicks), talk to her, and refuse to let her take the baby for herself. Pick up the baby (it's a 3x2, so you need plenty of inventory space) and return it to the woman at the Town Hall.

Then, on Day 5, head to the Spleen (I've seen some guides say it can also be in the Maw, but I'm not sure if this is correct). Again, a quest marker should pop up as soon as you enter the district and you'll hear a baby crying. Enter the house, look for Anna Angel, talk to her, talk to the Kin woman next to her, and tell the woman you'll decide what to do. Pick up the baby and take it to the Town Hall for the trophy.


5) If Anna has the plague on Day 4, visit her at her home and give her a schmowder. Then leave, you can do nothing more on this day.

On Day 5, head to the Spleen (or the Maw?). A quest marker should pop up and you'll hear crying. Head inside the house, find Anna Angel, tell her you're taking the baby, pick it up, return it to Town Hall.

Then, on Day 6, head to the Atrium. Here you'll have another opportunity for the second baby. Again, as soon as you enter the district a quest marker will pop up. Follow it, talk to Anna and the Kin woman, take the baby and return it for the trophy.

Anna can't get sick on Days 5 and 6, so you have no worries there.


I hope this helps anyone looking for this trophy after me. I got it successfully following the Atrium route on Day 6.

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