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Advise Me On My Next Platinum


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Heya, I made a new account a couple of days ago so my trophy list would be reset.

Now my list is clean I spent the first day platting Jak & Daxter and now I'm not sure what I should go for.

I started on Shadow of the Colossus plat but I'm only allowing myself to do 2 colossi a day so that I don't go insane, so I need a game to work on alongside it.


I won't list all my games as there'd be too many so I'll just list a few that I'm thinking about starting.


- Batman: AA

- Bioshock 1 + 2

- Devil May Cry

- Dishonored

- Dragon Age

- Fallout 3

- God of War 3

- Hitman series

- Ni no Kuni

- Okami


Which do you guys think I should begin?


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Whilst I don't have the following platinums myself, I think these are your best shot:


God of War 3: easily get 70% in your first playthrough, the challenges are a little difficult though


Bioshock: I got 890G on my first playthrough and only 2 achievements left to collect (difficulty based)


Hitman Absolution: Got 70% on my first playthrough. Should be easy, just not got around to it.


Dragon Age: Straight forward enough, just incredibly time consuming and I imagine the Nightmare difficulty ones are very hard. 


Fallout 3: Easy platinum just very time consuming. Currently on 41% myself and can get the platinum but it will take around another 20-30 hours (current playtime around 25hrs)

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Ugh, I don't know how it works around here but sometimes that's considered hijacking someone elses thread and can be frowned upon.


But I would say Walking Dead if it's the Telltale Games version with Clementine, otherwise Dishonored.


Duplicate threads are something we frown on here too...






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