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Store DLC issue

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Since this game came out, I looked upon the store to get thew usual free DLC that are given at each game. But I ran into a problem, as every DLC marked as free shows a message that says the following: "You must own TOCS IV in order to purchase this product".


Also a bunch of costumes that appear on the store show up with the same message. Those are: Juna's "Crossbell Resistance" CostumeJuna's "Lloyd Bannings - Red" CostumeRean's "True Dark Prince Rean" CostumeLaunch Anniversary SetAltina's "Magical Girl Allie" CostumeAltina's "Millium Orion" CostumeMusse's "Qilin Dress" Costume and "Cold Steel III" Bundle.


And the last nail into my sanity is the Swimsuit Bundle DLC, as in my Store it appears with a price of 14,99€ and in the american one it is FREE. How did this happened and what can I do to get this solved?


Thanks for listening to my rumbling and any help regarding this issue will be welcome.


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