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At first I didn't know if it was just my copy or a general thing, but some ppl told me they had trouble with this:


:silver: Crime Scene Investigator
You have examined all objects in the baroness' cabin.


It's glitched, you must examine the objects in a certain order:


-Crack the seal

-Examine the mannequin

-Examine the porthole

-Examine the porthole again

-Examine the luggage

-Examine the luggage again

-Read the diary

-Search the handbag

-Examine the diary

-Examine the notepad (hold down X and move joystick around to sketch a copy)

-Examine the painting

-Search the cupboard

-Examine the tape recorder

-Examine the tape recorder again

-Examine the audiotape reel

-Take the audiotape reel

-Examine the cover

-Examine the cover again

-Examine the lock and the chain

-Examine them again

-Examine the alarm

-Examine the portable cupboard

-Examine it again

-Examine the bed

-Search the bed

-Examine the blood spot

-Examine it again

-Look under the bed

-Examine the vase 4 times (x4)

-Equip the pliers  (trophy should pop around here)

-Use it with the vase

-Pick up the feathers that fell out the vase

But sometimes it may not work, so delete and reinstall is the way to go if it's happens to you. Hope this helps :D




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29 minutes ago, LAMBORGHINI_247X said:

It is like this on the ps4 version as well 


Yes it is. And what she's mentioned is well documented over on playStationTrophies. I had it happen to me on both console versions. Thankfully I was well aware of this and backed up my save to a USB prior to entering the room. Horrible game, anyway. Sooooo boring! But the end had a nice twist I never saw coming. 


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