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1.1 Update: Fixes hard mode trophy bug, plus additional bugfixes/tweaks/QoL features

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Before this update, the hard mode boss trophies wouldn't pop if you waited until the rematch to beat them on hard. (At least that's what I've heard, I'm not far enough in the game to confirm)


That seems to have been patched, according to the patch notes posted on Steam (which also apply to consoles for the most part).




It's a long-ass list, so here are some other highlights from the patch notes:

  • Kabuu can now dash around indefinitely from the start of chapter 3, essentially giving you a sprint button
  • Fast-forward cooking animations
  • 3 new postgame sidequests
  • Better inventory management: rearranging items, selling/storing/withdrawing multiple items at once
  • "Swap Positions" option in battle - two party members switch places without rotating the whole party
  • Tweaks to certain puzzles to be easier/less confusing
  • Lots of buffs and nerfs to items, skills, medals, and enemy/boss behavior
  • Lots of bugfixes and minor quality of life tweaks


Patch should be live now... it looks like one hell of an update. I'm glad I'm nowhere near finishing the game, because there's a lot of cool stuff to add to my experience.


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Just a quick heads up on the Hard Mode trophies!


I hadn't done the ones for Chapters 3-5 but recently went back and did 3 but trophy didn't pop (pre-patch). When I started the game post-patch, I got the trophy for Chapter 3! I then went to B.O.S.S. and did 4 & 5 but they didn't pop, so I closed out the game and reopened it and POP! There they were!


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