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Stoic didn't unlock?


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20 hours ago, JinjonatorX said:

I just beat the game. Only died 3 times. Got the Provider ending. I did not get Stoic. Why?


For the Stoic trophy I just played safe and saved frequently. Every time I died I loaded last saved checkpoint, so I finished with no deaths. I used 2 Laudanum during the run and saved 1 last Laudanum to use before entering the last portal. I chose the "Provider" ending.


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I just wanted to point out that the same happened to me, but it was because I got caught by the Empress trying to dash towards the exit, and although Tasi did not transform, she indicated "No! She's trying to change me!" (non-verbatim) and broke free. Apparently if that happens, it counts as a death and ended up nullifying my stoic trophy when I went for the provider ending. (I believe I died 2 times before that?)


Reloading my save and going for the Iconoclasm ending ended up popping Stoic, but I made sure that the Empress never caught me at any point that time. You just have to be careful that you will never get caught by the Empress at any point whatsoever just to be certain.

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