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Instructor Beatrix Location?

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I'm on the Courageous, and it's December 31st prior to the capital's liberation.  According to the guide, Instructor Beatrix should be in the infirmary.


Well, I've been to the infirmary, and the only one there is Rosine.  Did I miss something?  Has Beatrix been moved in the PS4 version?  Any help would be appreciated!

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Ok, so that worked...but now I have two more questions.


1: I've filled out every character note in the notebook and still not gotten the trophy.  I checked just to be sure, and every character has their notes filled out, and has a red star in their log.  Unless I missed a character, I don't know what else to do.


2. I can't get the quest for Scholar of the Truth to activate.  In a previous playthrough, Instructor Thomas offered to look at the Black Books, but when it came time to get the Decoding Report, he didn't give it to me.  In my current playthrough, he didn't even offer to look at the books!

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