Sony is abandoning the PS Vita stores...

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11 hours ago, Property_Damage said:

Psnp keeps adding vita trophy lists to the site


Yeah, literally the two latest games right now are two Vita games. Both of them cross plattform titles admittedly but still, there's got to be a little extra work involved with making those games available on Vita. The fact that they're prepared to put in that work still gives me hope that the Vita store isn't quite gone yet. After all a corporation like Sony surely expects to see a return on that work.


11 hours ago, Property_Damage said:

logs into the vita psn store

newest game added in August? Ouch!


The latest game on the Games tab that I can find on my (EU) store is Takotan which according to PSNP came out on the 9th of September. There is a tab on the storefront that's supposed to show you the latest releases but they don't seem to be updating that anymore.

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