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PSA: Avoid Extended Online Lobby Sessions/Crossplay

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Hey folks. I'm not entirely sure what the cause is, but I wanted to put out a PSA with regards to potential trophy glitches that could spawn as a result of either playing in an extended online lobby session, or from playing with friends through crossplay. I was playing with a friend using crossplay (they were on PC) and had a long public lobby session spanning many hours. I earned well over 500k session bounty before I exited the lobby and played a bit more single player before calling it a night. Throughout that online session I didn't notice I wasn't gaining trophies whatsoever during that time.


After leaving the lobby and noticing there were trophies I should have earned that hadn't yet popped, I rebooted the game. Immediately upon signing into Autolog the cop levels 3, 5 and 8 (Officer, Patrolman and Trooper) all auto-popped, and while playing a few single player events thereafter I popped some of the online-related trophies seemingly at random after completing some events. However, to this point I have yet to pop the trophies relating to racer levels that I should have earned. I have since reached racer level 11 and earn the Outlaw trophy, yet I still have not popped the level 4, 6 and 8 trophies (Target, Felon and Offender).


I have my fingers crossed that these racer level-related trophies will eventually pop, but even if so, I would currently recommend against playing in extended online lobby sessions or playing with an EA friend through crossplay, as I would suspect one of the two would be culprit. I'll edit this post as more information about the cause of the glitches come to light, but be aware for the time being that there is potential for trophies to be popped in weird order, and there may be potential for trophies to be entirely glitched.

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