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Bugsnax Trophy List (PS5)


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I like this list. Looks fun.


"All of the Grumpuses survive" perhaps means there's permadeath for these guys and this one is missable? Gold trophy as well.



Kinda bug and kinda snack
Try to catch them in your trap



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5 minutes ago, da_Heino said:

It's funny that they're using the "old" platinum trophy as their platinum icon. 1f604.png Maybe they didn't payed attention to the new one or they just didn't care. Either way, i like it


Or maybe it was already in place before Sony updated the new trophy icons.


I like the look of the trophies for Bugsnax.

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1 hour ago, Yoey_666 said:

It's from the same people that brought us Octodad, can't be bad :D


I enjoyed Octodad and am looking forward to playing this.

7 minutes ago, InfraRedPS said:

Well Greg Miller says he has the platinum already, I don't know his gaming ability but if anyone else does then maybe that helps understand the difficulty. 



I just seen this myself. I wonder how long it will take to platinum.

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3 minutes ago, MidnightDragon said:

PowerPyx says around 15 hours.

That isn't to bad then.


13 hours ago, Toma_Gabriel_God said:

Just noticed that PSNP has the tracker for grind trophies. I'm really impressed and happy to see it.



I noticed this on Astro's Playroom for a few trophies. I am wondering if this is just going to be on PS5 games?

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i haven't checked, is the game file size released?


ill be sitting at (rounding up for updates)


Demons souls (80gb)

Astro (4gb)

AC Valhalla (60gb)

Black Ops (140gb tho ill delete campaign after)

Spiderman (100gb)

Godfall (50gb)


lol ill b left with 200Gb which is fine since nothin is out till cyberpunk and ill be done some

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11 minutes ago, Toma_Gabriel_God said:

Yeah well trophy tracking is introduced in PS5 games and it depends on developers. I doubt they will patch PS4 games to track trophy progress.


It seems like it is only going to be PS5 games that support tracking. I guess it is developer dependent. 

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