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17 hours ago, ImStylinOnYaBro said:

With those quick plat times, I’d love to definitively know if ALL trophies auto pop. It would save the annoyance of booting up STW every night looking for “ all together now”. 

i can only speak for myself but "All together now" definitely did NOT auto pop for me.


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Achieved platinum on PS4 and all trophies, except "All Together Now", auto popped on my PS5 as soon as I logged into the game.
Took about a week of swapping out dailies before "All Together Now" finally showed up for me.
I believe this is a once-off daily, only meant to unlock the trophy as I've only seen it twice. Ever. Once for the Ps4 version and now for the PS5 version.


However, PS5 trophy lists cannot be viewed on PS4, unless the list is for a PS4 game although the platinum count does include it.

For example, neither Fortnite or Astro's Playroom's trophy lists show up on my PS4.
But any Ps4 game I completed on my PS5, does show up on my PS4 trophy list.

Makes it really hard to convince your friends that you've actually achieved platinum on the game when they're all stuck on PS4


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