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AC Valhalla Game Owners & Recent Players


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First of all I was just wandering how can it be possible that the Game Owners are 227 but the Recent Players are 234:




And secondly, the game releases on 10th of November but there are (apparently) 227 game owners. Are they producers, youtubers, testers etc that Ubisoft has already provided them with the game before the wordwide release??? 

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Usually on new games. Recent players and game owners rarely align. It's because so many people playing it at different times. Also, the servers are brand new for all the information on it. It's much more accurate when the games died down a lot.

Exactly right on the second point. Review copies are usually sent out to a ton of different social media outlets to help promote the game.

Both are very common at the start of a big release of a game.

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