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help for Son of a B+tch, and blood bath trophy

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4 hours ago, iLmIgLiOrE91 said:


I miss these two trophies, is the one to stun the enemies combined or is there a specific technique? it's worth the little girl, the nun, or just andrea elisa etc. 

then that of stabbing 50 enemies if it can be combined or must be done in a single game?

Hi, I just got the Blood bath trophy. It works through multiple games as long as you save. I suggest to make multiple saves just after Andrea opens room 213's door. There're 18 weapons around there. When you finished them, save the game and restart doing the same thing other 18 times and again, until you get the trophy.

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9 hours ago, iLmIgLiOrE91 said:

ok thanks but for stun the enemies?

You have to knock out every enemy in the game. Andrea and Red Nun are mandatory, so don't worry about them.

Ashmann and Elisa are the hardest ones because they are in the same zone with Andrea and it's a mess. After escaping from the refrigerator and collecting weapons, use the save mirror and go for the hunt. Ashmann is easier to stab twice, because Elisa goes always to the sink if she can't spot you (and you can't stab her when she's busy washing dishes). I only throw 4 to 5 bottles to her and it will do, but it's still tricky because there're two other stalkers with her. It could take an hour or two with a dozen of loading saves.

Finally, Porcelain can be knocked out only the second time you go in the basement.


9 hours ago, LegacyJKO09 said:

how is this game? its super cheap so was curious if I should get it. Being a fan of silent hill and RE

I kind of hate it. The ending is pretty good, though. The story should've been told in a better way. A bit too many unintentionally silly moments. Too many bugs and technical flaws too.

The first one, Remothered Tormented Fathers, is much better. Go for it, even if it doesn't have a platinum trophy.

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On 01/03/2021 at 5:43 PM, Marwolaeth969 said:

For Son of a B*tch. What is considered a “down”. When they are on their knees or when the lay on their side?

Andrea: is the easiest to stab and you can stab her during chapter one using the TV noise and hiding on the corner where the dresser in Celeste's room is.

Ashman & Eliza:  Were the hardest ones. You can knock them out during the restaurant chapter in which Andrea,Ashman and Eliza chase you.

I could not stab Eliza from behind (there wasn't an X option for me) but I managed to throw at her 5 bottles while she was chasing me.For Ashman I used a knife twice stabbing him from behind (which wasn't easy because you have 3 enemies chasing you) after hiding in one of the boxes.Ashman and Eliza took me around 2 hours to knock them out.

Red Nun : Pretty easy. Make sure to have an icebraker (you can find it on the right counter of the meat refrigerator). You get to stab her during the restaurant chapter after you help Elisa escape using moth abilities. Use your moth abilities to turn on the jukebox while hiding next to the stairs where she cannot see you.As soon as she reaches the jukebox , stab her from behind. During the first time after you stab her,run and hide on the locker in the room where the manual save is and wait for her to reach the restaurant again. Stab her once more same way and she gets knocked out.

Porcelain : Second time you are in the basement,he stays only in the cinema room,which makes it easy for you to sneak behind his back . Stab him twice.He will not fall but the trophy will pop up after you hit him twice.

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