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Speed run trophy


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I got this done tonight and while it wasn’t easy it wasn’t overly hard either. You need to average about 51 seconds per level, with some coming in under that and some being a little over. My total was 6:46 for all 8, but it took me probably an hour or so to get them all done fast enough. Some levels are a bit annoying...


What I don’t understand is how some people on the leaderboards have what I can only describe as insanely fast times. I mean, Astro only moves so fast so I don’t see how people are coming in 15-20 seconds faster than me. Obviously there’s always room for improvement, shaving a second off here or there, but you look and see people on the Beach level leaderboard with 35 second times and my best was 54 seconds or something. I have no idea how they’re moving fast enough to save 20 seconds given the speed at which Astro moves and the level design.


Oh well, maybe it’s just because I’m old...

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