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Am I The Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player Ever?


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Having Just Platinumed this game, I wanted to share my ironic journey to the Platinum as well as a big tip I wish I'd read before playing to help make the Platinum the "most" achievable for others.


I imagine this is a game that a large number of players on here (myself originally being one) avoided because of the Platinum rarity and the flack this game cops in general. I want to preface my review and comments by saying that I absolutely love this Genre of games and whilst parts of this game can be annoying. Overall I felt this was a solid game and pretty enjoyable if you like games of this genre.


Anyways lets get down to why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player ever. I have read reviews of people taking upwards of 4-5 Playthroughs to get the 10 Diamonds needed for Diamond Knack. I was Lucky to get my 10 Diamonds by Chapter 11-1 on my Third Playthrough on Easy (1 on my First Run, 4 on my Second Run, 5 on my Third Run) I also got 3 diamonds on my Third Run within 20 Minutes of each other. I know, RNG shined on me and so far in my journey to the Platinum I'd been extremely Lucky! 


I had read that the best way to grind the diamonds was to open a chest and restart the application if you don't get a diamond as this is significantly more efficient than playing through the game and opening chests as you go, however after doing this for about 2 hours and getting no diamonds, I just decided to play through the game here and there and chip away at the diamonds... and as you've read, I certainly lucked out.


Now a BIG TIP I wish I knew before playing this game is to always take a gadget part over a Gem (Unless you get a diamond of course) These carry over during playthroughs, but unlike gems once you have a part unlocked you cant get a duplicate. The sooner you get all of the gadgets unlocked, the sooner you reduce the pool of items that you can get from a chest and in turn, the more likely you are to get a Diamond from a Chest. It seems super obvious but I didn't find this tip anywhere on this site so hopefully it helps someone.


Now for why I might just be the Unluckiest Lucky Knack Player Ever


With Diamond Knack unlocked, I blitzed through my hard Playthrough and started to work through Very Hard. On my hard playthrough, with Diamond Knack now unlocked and no gadgets unlocked I got 7 Diamonds. 7 Diamonds on my first playthrough after Diamond Knack was already unlocked. I was genuinely annoyed. 


Then came the Very Hard Playthrough, By Chapter 13 I did not have the double sunstone gadget despite opening every single chest to that point in the game. This gadget would've made this playthrough significantly easier, instead the game decided to give me 8 Diamonds... 8 Diamonds on another first playthrough, when I didn't need Diamond Knack. The Irony of all of this was hilariously frustrating and I think I might be the only person on the internet who is annoyed they got too many Diamonds on this game. 25 Diamonds all up across my playthroughs and 15 I wish I could give to those who needed them more.


Anyways that is the story of my journey to the Ultimate Knack Trophy. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you are on the fence of picking up this game. It is certainly more doable than the platinum rarity suggests and for what this game is, it doesn't deserve the criticism it gets from most (at least in my opinion) 

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Hop into Knack 2 if you liked the first one. It's got some significant changes from the first one, but you should enjoy the 2nd one if you did the first.


Yes, that's incredibly unlucky. I didn't manage enough diamonds to unlock Diamond until my 3rd play through. 1st on Easy, 2nd on Normal, 3rd on Hard. And I didn't get my last diamond until about 90% of the way through my Hard play through. All the gadgets and playing through Easy and Normal made Hard a challenge, but nothing too bad. Not having all the gadgets OR diamond would have made me want to do another Easy play through until I unlocked all the gadgets.


Frankly, I think it's the multiple play throughs that keeps the Platinum rarity so low. Not so much the challenge of the game or it's reputation. I didn't even realize it was as low as it was when reading through your experience. I assumed it was somewhere over 10%.


Congrats on the finishing!

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I recently plat'd this as well. It also took me three playthroughs on normal to get my diamonds. Gadgets wise I didn't unlock the good ones until 11-2 on Hard. Slightly frustrating especially after three playthroughs having them and being used to them.


My very hard playthrough I got the gadgets by 7-2. Thank God. I struggled the most with 5-3 I think it is when you had to outrun the eye shooting you. That was super annoying.


Outside of that the last two time trials especially #12 drove me insane. But I generally enjoyed the game. The wife is actually looking forward to playing the sequel and when I looked at the trophy list for it I was happy to see the grind won't be the same. 


I think the game gets a bad rep. Going for the plat definitely dragged but still I'd recommend it.

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On 12/11/2020 at 10:32 PM, KuraikageSenshi said:

I am the most unlucky person here, lol.  I am on play through 4 with only 4 diamonds so far.  Diamond knack is the only persona knack I need.  I thought that if you started a new play through on a different difficulty you loose all your stuff.  Am I wrong on this!!

Hey mate, bad luck with the Diamond Drops. Stick with it!


Also yes diamonds are linked to the difficulty save you have so since you have 4, id stick with the difficulty you're on and grind those last 6 out.


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It took me about 10-12 playthroughs to platinum it.

I originally started it and wasn't getting any diamonds, so gave up on the whole endevour. 

Then a couple months ago, was looking for a game to play with my 4 year old and picked up Knack again. He loved it and wanted to play it over and over again.

Got lucky a couple runs and was able to complete it a couple days ago. But certainly a grind.

New Game+ was also broken, so none of my runs carried over gadgets, ... only gems. PITA!

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I returned to the game after not playing it since release. When starting it the save was gone and ps+ cloud saving didn't exist. wWhen I played it/MAYBE I didn't have ps+ at that time. 


I did the "mistake" of getting 30+ friends, instead of picking gadgets I took crystals all the way through my hard playthrough to unlock very hard. As I didn't pick any gadgets I got zero diamonds. The only positive about zero diamonds was that instead of new game plus I made a new easy playthrough as emerald knack which I will use to farm the diamond. I'm on chest 55, still missing 2 gadget parts but got 2 diamonds. At the start of next run I'm doing the reload method so I'll get the other 7-8 diamonds on the 8 first chests. 

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Dude I need those diamonds so bad lol, them making the drops random sucks ): 


I’m on playthrough 7 rn (with every chest collected each time ofc), partially due to my own being dumb and trying to grind diamonds on very hard since I had more on there and partially due to very unlucky gem drops. 

Currently I only have 7 diamonds *across all my difficulties played* (3 diamonds on normal and 4 on very hard) so at this rate I’m expecting to probably crack the double digits of playthroughs before getting Diamond knack

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