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What do you think will be your first PlayStation 5 Platinum will be?


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Well I’m not purchasing a PS5 right away, so by the time I do there might be news games out that take priority. But considering Demon’s Souls (PS3) was my very first platinum trophy and the trophy that turned me on to this hobby, it seems appropriately poetic to kick off my PlayStation 5 career with the Demon’s Souls remake. Which looks downright amazing by the way!

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6 hours ago, Blitz-tek said:

With most of the lists out now I guess it does depend on what you are picking up. But if you got a list already in your mind id like to hear your thoughts!


I'm sure I could do Godfall and Miles Morales and my first ps5 plats

I think Astro's Playroom will be most people's first plat. I want to play it so that I can see all of the new capabilities that the controller can provide. The game was designed around showcasing and looks to be a pretty easy plat. WOuld be a great plat for new trophy hunters!

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when I get my PS5, which is when any online store in my country will have it, first game I will platinum will be Miles Morales, then Spiderman Remaster, the reason I will play Miles before the Remaster is because I don't want to get tired of the gameplay with the Remaster by the time I get to Miles, so I would rather jump into Miles first

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If the planets align in my favour - I want my first PS5 Platinum to be my 200th platinum - I have Resident Evil 8 pegged for that milestone (trying to make every 50 platinums an RE game because I love the franchise). If that doesn't work out and Horizon: Forbidden West comes out first, I'll go for that instead as my first PS5 platinum.

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