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[Video] Trophy Walkthrough


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00:00 Intro

00:50 Shot by the Police

01:28 Bludgeoned by a Steel Pipe

01:55 Punched to Death by Nene Kurushima

02:19 Stabbed by a Katana

02:38 Neck Snapped

03:16 Head Hit upon Impact with Minoken

03:53 Shot by Detective Kuji

04:17 Bludgeoned by a Metal Bat

05:05 Swallowed by Bugs in Hospital Room

05:32 Swallowed by Bugs [1]

05:51 Swallowed by Bugs [2]

06:30 Swallowed by Bugs [3]

06:55 Swallowed by Bugs [4]

07:39 Shot by Kuji

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